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Rover Metro Cabriolet

Rover Metro Cabriolet

Manufactured and launched in 1991. This is the most special and most rare of any model in the entire eighteen years of the Metro. Rover encountered many technical difficulties, i.e. ensuring the hood was waterproof from all angles, and it didn't jam. The high spec and all the extra work was putting the price up and up. It was going to sell around £12,000. In the end very few were ever made.

 rover metro cabriolet rear rover metro cabriolet front rover metro cabriolet side

It is evident however that an immense of work went into designing this Metro, as the whole roof and back of the car was redesigned. There is brief mention of the Metro Cabriolet in an October 1994 Rover products guide, but no pictures, almost as if they didn't want you to see it...

Also check out at the Rover Metro & 114 Cabriolet Owners Group on Facebook if you're lucky enough to have one of these rare models!

The text below quoted is from a sales leaflet dated 1991...

"Drive it. And enjoy a breath of fresh air, in the cabriolet that puts you head and shoulders above the rest."
"Rover. The name means quality and refinement in a class apart. Cars that are distinctive, stylish and luxurious, and superb to drive.

  rover metro cabriolet front with roof down rover metro cabriolet interior

Now, the Rover been acclaimed as the best small car in the world* offers you the exhilaration of open top motoring. And because its a Rover, you can expect a great deal more than the average. The Rover Metro Cabriolet has all the class beating qualities of its larger stablemates. Naturally, its uniquely stylish, with the hood up or down. With sleek, sporting looks emphasise by the build quality and fine coachwork which are Rover hallmarks.

The cabriolet models were provided with additional strengthening in the floors and B posts as can be seen below (image courtesy of Steve Skinner)

metro cabrio floor strengthening

rover metro cabriolet spec

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