Convert clutch to hydraulic

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Convert clutch to hydraulic

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Is it even possible to convert a manual clutch pedal (with brake servo type mount) to hydraulic? I have a project I am working on and plan to try to use a Metro/Rover brake setup but need a hydraulic clutch pedal. The servo is mounted above the pedals and the master cylinder above that.

My "Bitza" A35 contains some Metro parts ... ;)
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Re: Convert clutch to hydraulic

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Yes it is, I did this to my R100 with the 20v turbo engine fitted.
I bought A series metro pedalbox, as they had a hydraulic clutch as std.
Iirc, I bought a MGF/TF master cylinder.
If you have a PG1 box fitted, You will need a MGF/TF gearbox mount with the slave cylinder
and bracket, Ideally join the cyls with braided hose and fittings,
If you have a R65 box fitted, then I think the R400/45 had the hydraulic clutch fitment
for slave cyl and bracket for that box,
In both cases, you will need the hydraulic clutch release bearing shaft/arm for the type of gearbox you are using.
As for fitting the master cyl, I rotated the cyl about 20deg clockwise, so the reservoir was
clear of the servo and out of the way of the 20v exhaust manifold, I just drilled new cyl mounting bolt holes
and blanked off the original holes. I think just mounting the master cyl using the original mounting holes will be
ok as the reservoir will clear the inlet manifold.
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