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How-to Guides

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Many years ago I promised to make a how-to guide on wiring conversions, im going to follow through on this, combined with several others (PG1 conversion, MGF clocks, rad fans, MFU alternative, side mounting bucket seats to original seat mounts, roll cage fitment, hydraulic clutch conversion, LSD fitment into PG1) and maybe some more as they pop into my mind or i carry them out

Potentially one on VTEC conversion too.

What format do they need to be in and who do i speak to in regards reading through them, checking them and uploading them ?

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Re: How-to Guides

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Hi Tom,

New guides would be great 8-)

You can email them to as a Word document, attach any relevant photos then I'll do the rest and turn it into an article for the site. You will be fully credited on each one.


Gerrard (MP Admin)
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