Metro auto si

Technical Help for the A & K Series Metro. Please state what year and model you're referring to for better responses.
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Metro auto si

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Hi can you upgrade the engine in my metro 1.4 si auto and keep the auto box?
Dave VVC
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Re: Metro auto si

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An easy way to do this would be to convert the 1.4 8v to a 16v, provided that the pistons have the 6 valve
cutouts on the crown, 2 are used to clear the 2v per cyl, the other 4 claer the 4v per cyl, rover fitted these
pistons to standardise production, I did this conversion to a 114sli 1995 MY, this conversion can be done
without removing the engine, iirc you will need a 16v head, inlet manifold with injectors etc, exhaust manifold, cambelt covers and belt kit, matching ecu, 5as alarm ecu and fobs, engine loom, mpi fuel pump, and replace
some fuel hoses with 16v specific ones on the bulkhead.
This method with the engine in can only be done if the pistons have 6 cutouts, other wise, its replace the engine
with a 16v one, rover did fit a lot 8v engines with only 2 valve cutouts, so the only way is either look down the cylinders with a boroscope, or take the head off. If you do this conversion, have the head skimmed @ 15 to 20 thou
this will bump up power to @ 110bhp, like what the 1600 puts out.
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