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You have questions, we have answers! This FAQ covers the most common ones we've been asked so far...

We're entering an exciting new period in Metropower history with the launch of our new site, events gazebo and merchandise lines along with a range of events for you to attend. At the same time it does mean some changes are taking place so here's the answers to some of your questions so far.

What happened to the old website portal?

Our web host migrated the Metropower site over to a new server during our last renewal. However the portal part of the site was based on a software product that no longer exists and is too old to run on modern web servers. As a result we've decided to take this opportunity to build a new website that works on mobile devices and allows for new features we didn't have before such as the online store. The content from the portal (how-to guides etc.) has been migrated to the new website, you can find articles using the menu at the top of the page.

You can still look back at the old site via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine which can be accessed by clicking this link

Why have you made a new forum?

The Metropower forum also runs on old software that dates back to 2004 and isn't mobile friendly. Seeing as many users access the site on smartphones and tablets we decided to build a replacement forum at the same time as the new website.

What's going to happen to the old forum \ are you deleting it?!

No way! Saving the forum is vital to preserving the history and knowledge that's helped make Metropower the community it is today. Our aim is to keep the old forum as an archive so people can read back through journals and search the wide range of technical knowledge contained in the posts.

We will be making it read-only though so any future posts will need to be made on the new forum

Will you be copying over the posts from the old forum to the new one?

Unfortunately not. Due to the age of the old forum software no tools exist to migrate data to the new platform.

Are you still or is the address something different now?

We will continue to use as the main address for Metropower. However during the changeover period we've also registered (which is where you are now!) For the time being you'll need both links but eventually everything will be accessed via the original address.

Do I need to register my username again?

Yes, you will need to register on our new site (which also gives you access to the forum and store via the same username)

Why haven't I received the activation email?

After you register you will need to click the link in an activation email to confirm your identity. If you haven't received this message please check your "Junk" and \ or "Spam" email folders as some email providers filter automated messages from websites. If you still can't find the activation email after checking these folders please Contact Us.

How do I add images to my forum posts?

Due to the size of modern camera images and the cost of web hosting we've decided that images will need to be embedded into posts from a third party image host. We currently recommend Flickr as our preferred image host. You can also use PhotoBucket or any other image host that supports sharing images using BBcode.

Who owns the images on the site?

Our members retain the rights to photos they send into the site and we will do our best to ensure images are credited to their respective owners. If you notice one of your images is missing a watermark or credit please contact us and we'll get it sorted out.

Where images are embedded via social media please see the terms of the particular service in question.

Please note the Metropower logo and branding are owned by the Metropower admin team and may not be reproduced without written permission.

How do I get my car on the front page?

Send your car's story, spec list and some high-res images to and we'll do the rest!

How do I submit a how-to guide or article?

Use the same email address as above to get in touch or alternatively use the form on the Contact Us page 


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