Gualberto Rocha's 114GTi stars

"After 6 months of work I declare it finished!" - Gualberto Rocha

Summit Garage Rover adverts (1997)

What was your Metro worth back in 1997? Find out by taking a step back in time courtesy of Summit Garage

AA Road Tests

Read all the original reviews for the Rover Metro \ 100 series here courtesy of the AA's road test archive.


Fitted as standard to GTi (SPi) models from 1990 to 1992.

7 Spoke

Fitted as standard initially to GTi SE models whilst the GTi (SPi) was still in mainstream production.

SPi 16v to MPi conversion

Most early 16v Metros where Single Point Injection (SPi) with a single injector. Some people have found to increase performance you can convert these to have 4 injectors by fitting the later type Multi Point injection (MPi).

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