Replacement centre caps for Rover Metro \ 100 alloy wheels

Centre caps for Rover's OEM Metro \ 100 alloy wheels are becoming increasingly hard to find (and easy to lose!) Fortunately one of our members has taken matters into his own hands to re-create them using the magic of CAD \ CAM...

If you own any of the below alloy wheels for your Metro \ 100 you'll probably be familiar with the process of hunting online for the elusive centre caps that go with them. Over time many have been lost (and sadly stolen too) leaving owners short of the finishing touch for their alloys. As expected the part has long since gone NLA via the usual Rover spares suppliers, with eBay usually the best hope for a used set (brand new ones are a rare sight indeed!)

Fortunately one of our members, Mario Kane, decided to use his tech skills to create a CAD model, which allows replicas of the caps to be reproduced on a CNC milling machine or 3D printer.

pile of new centre caps  cap cad design 350px

If you've been looking online for either of the part codes below you're in luck!

  • DTC10041MMQ
  • DTC10032MNH

His design matches the original part perfectly, as you can see in the trial fitting photos below. By using allen screws on the inside of the cap they also become loss \ theft proof too!

centre cap rear fitting  centre cap fitted on alloy wheel

Mario has kindly provided the original design to Metropower for all our members to use. As above these need to be produced via a milling machine or 3D printer - if you are able to offer this service please get in contact with us to be featured on this page!

If you want a badged version of the centre cap get in touch with our merchandise partner AlBonnie's Prints, who can make a customised design of your choice to fit.

Please contact the Metropower admin team if you are looking to produce caps to sell, rather than for your own use.

Take a look at Mario's other Rover projects on his YouTube channel sailineczka

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