Front anti-roll bar

This upgrade decreases roll on cornering. Fitted to GTi, GTa (90-92), GTa 16v & Si models as standard. For all K series Metros and Rover 100s 1990-1997. A series anti roll bars are of a totally different design and are not compatible.  

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  1. This is more tricky than the rear, you must first undo the gear linkages. I have a picture of the links removed from the bracket at the front.

    gear linkages removed from bracket
  2. This is the front pipe exhaust mount with the triangular thing to the right which is where the link bracket lives. Take it off as per the picture below. It will hang down but you need it to clear the exhaust so undo all exhaust mounts allowing space to manoeuvre it past. It should look similar to this under the car.

    take off link bracket to clear exhaust
  3. Once that is on top of the exhaust the rest is easy stuff.
  4. Take out these two bolts

    remove the two bolts
  5. Replace with the ARB (Anti Roll Bar) mounts and bracket like so. The bracket actually clips in to a little hole for the perfect fit.
  6. The front drop links are straight forward. Just make sure you have a washer between each bush.
    Nut-washer-bush-wishbone-bush-washer-coller-washer-bush-arb-bush-washer- with the long screw through the middle.

          anti roll bar fitted

Anti roll bar polyurethane bushes

Poly bushes are available to replace any Metro bush such as the one found on anti roll bar and front wishbones. They give stiffer performance and over the originals when new but they are all now at least 20 years old and have done many thousands of miles. They are available from, and often found on eBay and are a worth while investment when fitting.

metro polybushes

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