Guides to help improve handling and suspension for your Metro \ 100

Front anti-roll bar

This upgrade decreases roll on cornering. Fitted to GTi, GTa (90-92), GTa 16v & Si models as standard. For all K series Metros and Rover 100s 1990-1997. A series anti roll bars are of a totally different design and are not compatible.  

GTi dampers

Only the GTi had additional front dampers, which improves handling, but you can fit them to any A or K-series metro too. The process is the same for both but the guide pictures are for fitting the dampers to a K-series.

Lowering guide

The Rover Metro K-series’ suspension system consists of four Hydragas units. These units are linked from front to back on each side. There is more weight in the front of the car due to the engine which is why when people let fluid out the system the front always sags…the weight pushes the front down, pushing fluid to the back which compounds the problem. This highlights one of the major points to remember when we lower the car; the back on Metros is always higher than the front. To counteract this natural effect of having more weight in the front, we have to lower the car more at the back to bring it all level.

Rear anti-roll bar

Reduces body roll on corners. As fitted to Turbo and GTi models as standard. For all Metros and Rover 100s 1980-1997.