Remote interior lamp and delay

This is a how to guide for those of you who would like the interior light to come on when you unlock the car and go off when you lock the car as well as give a 10-15sec delay. This is a standard feature on Rover 400's from 1998, Rover 25, 45 and MG ZR / ZS.

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Parts required

  • 1998 or newer 5AS alarm box*
  • Soldering Iron and Solder
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Heat shrink
  • Standard Metro/100 Interior light relay

Please note. the 5AS will need programing to your existing engine ECU and remote key fob. You can alternatively source and fit a complete set from the same car which are already programed together but make sure the engine ECU is suitable for your engine.

  1. the courtesy light wire on the white connector is coloured blue/white as circled in the picture. below:
  2. the Courtesy Lamp pin is located on the white smaller connector on the 5AS box as indicated on the diagram below.
  3. you need to extend the Blue/White wire so it reaches your fuse box.
  4. remove the black interior light relay from the top left hand side of your fuse box as pictured below. 
  5. drill a hole through the top case as pictured above.
  6. remove the case from the base of the relay and it should look something like the picture below:
  7. drill through the centre base of the relay being very careful not to drill out the centre pin as shown below:
  8. feed the courtesy light wire from the 5as through the top case and through the centre base and wrap it around the centre pin as shown below:
  9. refit the relay back into your fuse box and now you have a working courtesy light.

Guide Courtesy of EliteTro

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