Opening rear quarter windows

Some Metro GTi's from factory were specified with the 'Lux Pack' option, which consisted of half leather seats, electric front and opening rear quarter windows. This guide is how to fit the opening rear quarter windows.  Late Mk2 high spec Metro's like the MG 1300 & Turbo , Mayfair and Vanden Plus also have opening rear quarter windows which can help in sourcing these rare windows.

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This guide can be used for all models of 3 door Metro's from 1988 to end of production. When sourcing opening rear quarter window. Please note the rear catch and rear seatbelt top mount location as they change around 1988.

  1. Firstly start at the back of the car, on the 'C' post you will notice 2 'blanks' that are body coloured. These need to be removed.These holes are for the catch on the Opening Quarters to attatch onto the 'C' Post.

    body coloured blanks for rear quarter windows  blanks removed showing holes for rear quarter windows
  2. Next, use a 'Clinchnut System' These give a captive nut without any messing.

    clinchnut tool 
  3. Fit the 'Clinchnuts' 2 are required for each side and you should have 2 nice threaded holes, for your catches to attatch to.

    fixing the clinchnuts into place  clinchnut thread fitted in place
  4. Next, remove the existing opening rear quarter windows. Someone inside the car, pulling the window seal down and pushing the window out at the same time. The more hands the easier it is to remove the window so if you can get someone to assist.
  5. This will reveal 2 holes on each 'B' Post, if you have a GTI you will need to trim the vinyl to gain acces to the holes as pictured.

    gaining access to B-post holes once metro rear window is removed
  6. In each of the holes you need to insert the rubber bungs that act as a hinge for the windows to open. You need 4 of these.

    metro rear window rubber bungs
  7. Insert them in this way first

    rubber bungs inserted into B-post holes
  8. Then using a Philips screwdriver, ease them into the 'B' Post.

    rubber bung being fitted in place
  9. Next fit your window rubbers, these are specific for Opening rear Quarter windows. Use a Nylon Headed hammer to ensure they seat well.

    fitting new rubber seal for metro opening rear quarter windows
  10. you're now just about ready to fit the windows now, but before you do, you'll need to protect the 'B' post from this. We just used to electricians tape on the 'B' Post.

    protect the B-post when fitting the opening rear window
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