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A question often asked is what steering wheels will fit my Metro or Rover 100.

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Mk1 & Mk2 & Mk3 Metro steering wheel

1980 Austin miniMetro through to 1994 Rover Metro including all MG Metro's all use the same steering wheel fitment as shown in the first picture below. All these Metro's have the horn button at the end of the indicator stalk on the left.

It features a thick steering column and with a top lug for indicator cancellation.
(extremely early 1980s miniMetro's on W and X registration's have 2 lugs but one is enough)

If you want to fit a early Metro or other Austin car steering wheel or early boss you will need to file or cut off the bottom lug to get it to fit later Metros.

steering wheel steering column

Mk4 Rover 100 steering wheel

The mk4 around 1995 to end of production Rover 100 uses a totally different steering wheel fitment. We believe the steering column was completely changed to give the option to fit a steering wheel with an airbag from other Rover models instead of making a Rover 100 only item. The Rover 100 mk4 is not interchange with the earlier Metro's (mk1, mk2 & mk3) and will not fit. It is how ever interchangeable with many other Rover's and shares the Honda steering wheel fitment.

The mk4 Rover 100 only had 2 steering wheel options. A standard 3 spoke item with horn in the centre or a airbag steering wheel with 2 horn buttons on the 2 side spokes of the steering wheel. A way to check if a Rover steering wheel will fit is if they have the same indicator and wiper stalks. Also you can request boss for these Rover's to fit the Mk4 Rover 100 if they do not list the Rover 100 itself. The Rover 100 uses a 19mm nut to hold the steering wheel on.

rover 100 steering wheel gyro

(a better picture will be taken of the Rover 100 steering wheel fitment. Any improvements please send them in)

Aftermarket steering wheels

One of the few things there is a massive range of options for the Metro all models and Rover 100. You can get a boss that will fit the steering wheel brand of your choice to the Metro fitment. The Metro uses the same fitment as the Austin Mini of the same age. The Metro fitment is not often listed in parts catalogues but if you quote the boss for the Mini of the same age it will fit.

The picture below shows a Momo snap off boss fitted to a Mk3 Metro. The boss is listed as a Austin Rover Mini item. To boss is a converter as one end fits the Momo wheel and the other to the car steering wheel fitment.

mono snap on steering wheel boss

Momo Millennium aftermarket steering wheel fitted to a 1994 Mk3 Metro

momo steering wheel fitted to rover metro mk3

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