Cigarette lighter

How to fit a 12v socket to your Metro.

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Parts required

  • Cigarette lighter
  • Socket and illumination ring
  • Flat head screw driver

If you have a Rover Metro mk3 which is fitted with a rear window wiper but didn't have the cigarette lighter socket the wires for it will already be installed in the wiring loom and a blank for it is already in every Metro interior. If not you will need to find another power source from your headunit or another source.

If you have an Austin Metro mk2 and want to fit a cigarette lighter socket, the wires are already there if you have a clock to the left of the Radio. Follow the clock wires and you will find three wires unused for the cigarette lighter socket. If not, as above, you will need to find another power source from your headunit or another source.


  1. We'll start by locating the wiring for the 12v socket if they are already installed in your loom. The wires for the Metro are clipped on the back of the interior fascia. To gain access to these wires its best to remove the vent (mk3) or Clock (mk2) to the left of the radio by prising it out with a flat head screw driver from above. I have marked the location on the picture below with a white cross. 

    remove metro vent
  2. There are 3 wires for the cigarette lighter socket are shown in the picture, one for power, one for illumination and one for earth. You will also need to remove the socket hole blank by taking out the ash tray and pushing from behind.

    remove blank and vent
  3. Push the 3 wires through the socket hole and connect the single wire to the illumination ring. Just fit the illumination ring for now as the socket will not fit in through the hole in one piece.

    push wires through
  4. Now push the T shaped double connector through the illumination ring and fit to the 12v sockets connectors and fit inside the illumination ring.

    cigarette lighter fitted
  5. Replace the Vent and ash tray.
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