Glove box lamp

A guide to fit a glove box lamp if not fitted as standard, helps locate things in the glove box at night!

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Metros applicable for this how to guide

  • Rover Metro K-series Mk3 (all models)
  • Rover 100 K-series Mk4 (all models)
  • Austin & MG Metro Mk2 (all models)

* = The wires should already be fitted just clipped behind the glove box somewhere.

Parts Required

  • Glove box lamp
  • Glove box switch
  • Glove box wires*
  • Glove box with lamp hole cut out

If removing the wires from a scrap car follow them all the way back to the blue connector as it makes it easier to refit if they have not been cut.

  1. Remove the existing glove box and swap with a box fitted with the lamp or cut the holes out on your existing one. Screws are circled the lower 3 may be below a carpet.

    remove screws from metro glovebox
  2. Remove the Heater vents for access then slide your wires across to the blue connector, your power is located here.

    remove metro heater vents for access  close up view of wiring hidden behind metro vent
  3. Clip your wires into the blue connector. Make sure you fit them in the right place e.g black with the black and red with the red. There are 6 outlets here and 3 are already used.
    (This is a good place to get power if you want to have illuminated gauges as well)

    clip your wires into the blue connector
  4. Push the blue connector back and refit the vents
  5. Connect the other wire ends to the switch and glove box lamp
  6. Refit the glove box. reversal of removal
  7. Test to see if it works (it will only work when the lights are on)
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