Interior lamp delay

An interior courtesy lamp delay is very useful in the dark for finding the the ignition lock barrel, if you drop your keys the light is still on so you can find them and when leaving the car you shut your door you can see if you left anything on display. The delay lasts about 10 seconds but goes off as soon as you put the ignition on. It also always fades off which is a nice affect.

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Metros Applicable For This How To Guide

  • Rover Metro K-series Mk3 (all models)
  • Rover 100 K-series Mk4 (all models)
  • Austin & MG Metro Mk2 (all models)*

* = The Relay looks the same but not tested

Parts Required

  • Courtesy lamp delay/lights on alarm relay

The relay is factory fit to the Rover Montego GSi, MG Montego Turbo & 2.0i from 1988 to 1992 which is a known direct fit and pictured in this guide. The relay may also be used in other higher spec Rovers but it is unknown if it is a direct replacement. The delay relay has 2 extra pins for this function and the fuse box already has the extra connections for it as the Montego Mk2 shares the same fuse box as the Rover Metro K-series.


Fitting steps

  1. Remove the fuse box cover by turning the 2 clips and remove the cover.
  2. The interior lamp/lights on alarm is located on the top left of the fuse box.

    fuse box with delay relay fitted
  3. Remove this and replace with the Delay relay and be careful not to bend any of the connector pins on removal.
  4. Test to see if it works.
  5. Replace fuse box cover.
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