Airbag steering wheel

The Rover airbag wheel is a popular upgrade on the Rover 100 and other Rovers due to its better looks, improved comfort and its availability in leather and colour coded leather sections to match your car!

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Parts required

  • Rover airbag wheel
  • Airbag
  • Rover 100 airbag wiring loom
  • Rover airbag fitment indicator/ wiper stalk mounting boss
  • Tools required
  • Socket set
  • Torx socket bits
  • Screw drivers

This can only be done to the Rover 100 mk4, not the Metro mk3 as the wiring connections on the stalks are different and the steering wheel boss is different.

WARNING! Whenever removing an airbag or doing anything to the SRS on your vehicle it is very important that you disconnect the battery and leave it alone for at least 1 hour allowing the circuit & capacitors to discharge. This reduces any chance the airbag has to detonate. Unlikely but best to make sure! If in any doubt, ask a professional to fit.

  1. First of all we need to remove the standard steering. This is done by removing the center cap/horn push with a flat head screw driver. Remember to remove the plastic behind the rubber center as this can split.

    remove steering wheel centre
  2. Next use a socket and a ratchet to remove the steering wheel nut. Remember to set the steering in the straight position for re-fitment later.
  3. Remove the fuse box cover & remove these three screws from the steering column cover (underside)

    remove screws from steering column cover
  4. Remove these two bolts so you can drop the steering column and remove the top cover

    remove two bolts to drop the steering column
  5. Undo the two screws holding the stalks on and undo all of the connectors.

    remove stalks
  6. You should have the stalk boss from an airbag car, these have the four small studs for the giro unit to attach to. You can remove the stalks from the stalk mounting boss by undoing the two gold screws next to each stalk.

    remove 4 screws to release stalks
  7. The Airbag has its own separate loom. This runs straight to the fuse box and has an additional wire for the horn. To fit the loom, plug one end into the back aux on the fuse box near the red and white relays for the wipers.

    airbag loom
  8. Then clip the yellow plastic additional fuse onto the bottom of the fuse box.

    plug yellow fuse into fuse box
  9. Search around for the extra horn connector as picture below. Rover make a single 100 car loom which caters for both types of steering wheel making this upgrade a lot easier!  This is because the airbag loom and standard horn connectors are different, so both types are fitted to all looms. Its a tiny single wired connector, black and purple in colour.

    plug in extra horn connector
  10. Connect the wiring giro system to the new air bag loom.

    connect gyro wiring
  11. Screw the gyro wiring system to the newly fitted air bag stalk mounting boss which has the additional 4 screw holes.

    screw gyro onto steering wheel boss  
  12. Replace both of the steering column covers which is the reverse of removal and bolt the steering column back in place.
  13. Now its time to put the steering wheel on. Its fairly straight forward. Make sure the indicator cancelling part is lined up with the steering wheel, then connect the wires.

  14. Fit the airbag wheel center in place and screw in with the two torx bolts on the back
  15. Testing and finish. Reconnect the battery. You may find that the car won't lock after having the battery disconnected. Just press the lock button repeatedly and eventually the car will lock and unlock normally

Now to check it all works (no, don't get any silly ideas!) put the key in the ignition and turn to the 2nd position. The red SRS light on the airbag should light up for just a few seconds. If it stays on, it will need resetting.

Now it's time to hit the road and enjoy your new wheel!

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