Interior & comfort

Guides to help you make the inside of your Metro a bit more comfortable and luxurious (!)

Airbag steering wheel

The Rover airbag wheel is a popular upgrade on the Rover 100 and other Rovers due to its better looks, improved comfort and its availability in leather and colour coded leather sections to match your car!

Electric windows

Upgrading manual windows to electric is a popular, if slightly involved mod.  It is a worthwhile modification however, and can really make you feel more at home if you are used to your creature comforts. 

Glove box lamp

A guide to fit a glove box lamp if not fitted as standard, helps locate things in the glove box at night!

Interior lamp delay

An interior courtesy lamp delay is very useful in the dark for finding the the ignition lock barrel, if you drop your keys the light is still on so you can find them and when leaving the car you shut your door you can see if you left anything on display. The delay lasts about 10 seconds but goes off as soon as you put the ignition on. It also always fades off which is a nice affect.

Maplin central locking motors

The standard factory fit central locking motors/actuators to the passenger doors on all Metros and Rover 100s are pretty crud, noisy and often fail. They can be easily replaced with superior ones from electronics stores such as Maplin. These are faster, very reliable and make a satisfying noise when operated unlike the originals.

Opening rear quarter windows

Some Metro GTi's from factory were specified with the 'Lux Pack' option, which consisted of half leather seats, electric front and opening rear quarter windows. This guide is how to fit the opening rear quarter windows.  Late Mk2 high spec Metro's like the MG 1300 & Turbo , Mayfair and Vanden Plus also have opening rear quarter windows which can help in sourcing these rare windows.

Remote interior lamp and delay

This is a how to guide for those of you who would like the interior light to come on when you unlock the car and go off when you lock the car as well as give a 10-15sec delay. This is a standard feature on Rover 400's from 1998, Rover 25, 45 and MG ZR / ZS.

Rev counter

This is a great upgrade for any Rover Metro Mk3 without a rev counter.

Rover Coupe \ MG ZR seats

How to fit Rover Coupe or MG ZR seats onto Metro bases for a nice comfortable upgrade from standard. If you fancy something different to a GTi seat upgrade Rover Coupe interiors are your best bet. Try to find a half or full leather set for a really high end look. The seats also come with lumbar adjusters for added comfort. You can also use an interior from Rover 214 models; however as these are 5 door cars the seats won’t tilt forward.