Entering the code on your Rover R660 radio

The stock radio units fitted to the Metro & Rover 100 series are programmed with a four-digit security code as an anti-theft measure. If the battery is removed or goes flat you may need to re-enter the code next time the radio is turned on. This procedure is written for the R660 unit but also applies to other Rover radios such as R570, R670 and R681.

Once activated, this code prevents the unit from functioning if it is illegally removed from the vehicle. There are 10,000 different codes -making your radio equipment valueless to a thief unless he has the correct one. In addition, each unit is further protected by a time delay penalty system that effectively defies even the most systematic attempt to break the code.

NOTE: If an incorrect code is entered, a one-minute time delay is imposed before a second code can be attempted. Each time a wrong code is entered, the time delay doubles (2 min, 4 min, 8 min, etc.) making theft a very unattractive proposition.

Confirming if the security code is activated

This will be confirmed whenever you switch the unit on by ’CODE’ appearing briefly in the display. If this display is absent, the radio will still work, but will not be protected by the security code. If this is the case, you should activate the code by keeping the ’up’ tuning button depressed while turning the set on (a two-tone bleep will sound). Before activating the code, ensure that you have the Security Information card with the security code on it.

The word CodE should appear briefly whenever the radio is switched on. If CodE appears continuously, an incorrect code has been entered or the power supply has been interrupted.

Retrieving a lost code

On delivery of the vehicle, the original owner was supplied with a Security Information card. This card contains a record of the four-digit security code, as well as the unit’s unique serial number.

The serial number is also stamped into the metal side of the unit. Back when these units were new only a Rover dealer could generate a code after confirming proof of ownership of the vehicle. These days you can supply the serial number to a radio code generator service such as the website below to obtain the code if the original documentation has been lost. 


Entering the security code

If the code has not already been entered, or power to the set has been interrupted, the code MUST be entered before the set will operate. Enter the code as follows:

  1. Switch on the radio (’CODE’ appears in the display).
  2. Press pre-set button 1.
  3. Press one of the manual tuning buttons (highlighted in the illustration below) to select the first digit of the security code.
  4. Press pre-set 1 to store the first digit in the unit’s memory.
  5. Use either tuning button to select the second digit of the code.
  6. Press pre-set 1 to store the second digit.
  7. Select the third digit, again using the tuning buttons.
  8. Press pre-set 1 to store the third digit.
  9. Select the final digit (the display will now show the full four-digit code).
  10. Press pre-set 1 to store the final digit.
  11. If the correct code has been selected, a two-tone bleep will sound and the radio will operate.


NOTE: If an incorrect code has been entered, a single warning tone will sound and the first time delay period commences. During the delay period, ’Err’ or ’WAIT’ will appear in the display -DO NOT switch off. At the end of the delay period, ’CODE’ will reappear in the display and you can then enter the correct code. Remember; the time delay period doubles each time an incorrect code is entered.

Deactivating the code

If you do not wish to use the security code feature it can be disabled by holding the ^ button while turning radio on. You will be asked to enter the code, after which point the security mechanism will be disabled.
(you can re-enable the code again by repeating the same process)

Radio Security

In addition to the unique security code, the audio units fitted to Rover cars have other important anti-theft features:

  • All audio units are Rover branded.
  • The R660 will not operate without its detachable keyboard.
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