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Steering wheels from higher spec MG & Rover's are a common upgrade to the Rover 100. Many Come with factory radio remote controls. This guide will give the information so you can also use this in your Rover 100 or Metro.

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radio remote controls dash

Fitting steps

  1. The Rover 100 will not have the wires for the remote control and will need to be added to your existing wiring.
  2. You will need to have the standard Rover 100 SRS air bag steering wheel fitted already or the parts to do so. Please see the air bag steering wheel how to guide. 
  3. Only 2 wires are required to connect the steering wheel connector directly to the radio ISO connector.
  4. Each connector will have 2 empty slots for the wiring pins to be added.
  5. You can cut the relevant connectors from a scrap Rover with the remote such as the (Rover 200 1995 to 1999 range) to gain the correct wiring pins style and shape to add to the gaps in your Rover 100 connectors.

    radio remote controls iso block
  6. A tiny flat blade screw driver can be used to release the wires from the connectors with out damage to insert them into your connectors on your loom.
  7. The grey half of the radio ISO connector requires a yellow lock tab pushing out first before using the screw driver to push the small plastic tabs back allowing individual wires to be removed with out damage. It can be tricky and there is a knack to it.
  8. Once wires are removed, add them to the positions shown to wire up the radio remote. This will work with Rover radios with the remote control option.
    Aftermarket head units will need the relevant stalk adapter module which is contained in a wiring harness fitted between the ISO connector and your aftermarket headunit.
  9. Rover remote to JVC branded head units with a normal jack socket for remote input uses steering wheel stalk adapter PC99-X39 and Rover to Sony Autoleads PC9-104 kit. The below picture shows a Rover 100 ISO connector with added wires and Autoleads adaptor PC9-104 to use with Sony head unit. The adapter translates Rover signals for the Sony unit to understand.

    radio remote controls head unit wiring
  10. The below picture shows the Rover 100 stalks exposed with the location of the white steering wheel wiring connector. The wiring will be already in the steering wheel itself unless it has been removed before purchase.

    radio remote controls stalk connector
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