Rear speaker upgrade

The Metro rear speakers are located in the corners or the parcel shelf side supports. This is a great guide to upgrade the worn out paper Metro speakers with new superior items or fit speakers if you had none in the first place. Pretty much any 10cm speaker should go in, as long as the dimensions are similar to that of the OE speakers. Even if you use 6*9s or other speakers this is a good idea, as if you ever need to remove your rear shelf, you can still have half-decent sounds from the rear of the car.

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Parts required

  • set of 10cm aftermarket speakers
  • set of intact original equipment (OE) speakers for the surrounds
  • small flathead screwdriver, for initially loosening the screws
  • small / stubby crosshead screwdriver

Fitting process

  1. The standard speakers, notice they are covered up by a circle of material as they're not the best looking speakers around!

    standard rear speakers  rear speaker shelf mount
  2. After removing the OE speakers by undoing the four screws holding them in (access can be a problem if the Boot light is in the way, might be worth loosening the trims to gain access), you need to CAREFULLY remove both the plastic surround and rubber section from the old speaker. You'll need to fit these to the new speaker otherwise they won't fit securely - trust me!  
  3. The bits from the old speaker, separate and fitted. Note the locating pin that needs to match up with the hole on the rubber section, as indicated by the black arrow.

    rear speaker with mounting components  rear speaker with mount, note locating pin
  4. Now you can either remove the circle of material glued to the underside of the grill so you can see your new speakers as I have done, or leave it in place so they can't be seen - your choice.
  5. After re-assembling the speaker (I used the screws to hold it all together), offer it back up to the plastic columns under the trim, and screw back into place - try hand-tightening them as much as possible to try and avoid having to make a new thread - harder to tighten-up otherwise.
    Available from any good In Car Entertainment store (i.e. Halfords) you should be able to find the Rover to Aftermarket speaker adapter wires as shown in the picture below to save any cutting and soldering of the original loom which is a pain. Ford's also use these speaker wire adapters.

    metro speaker wire converter
  6. After wiring your speakers up - you're done!

    rear speaker fitted in place  new rear speaker seen from top of mount

If your Metro didn't have rear speakers you will need to run wires from the head unit to the new speakers. The rear speaker out put wires or connectors should be labeled on the head unit/radio. Some models like the 1.4Li automatic and any metro with remote central locking as standard should have the wires tucked away behind the trim near where the speaker is located already fitted but unused which. You can remove the black plastic connector of the pins with a very small flat head screw driver to use the metro connectors on the new speaker connectors to save cutting and soldering.

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