I.C.E. (in car entertainment)

Guides to help you improve the audio in your Metro \ 100

Entering the code on your Rover R660 radio

The stock radio units fitted to the Metro & Rover 100 series are programmed with a four-digit security code as an anti-theft measure. If the battery is removed or goes flat you may need to re-enter the code next time the radio is turned on. This procedure is written for the R660 unit but also applies to other Rover radios such as R570, R670 and R681.

Front speaker upgrade

Upgrade the 13cm front door speakers for better sound quality. This is a fantastic mod to do and will totally transform your sound system.

Head unit upgrade

Rover Metro's and Rover 100's came with a Phillips radio cassette as standard, upgrade the stereo (also known as the head unit) in your car to get new features such as iPod connectivity, DAB radio or even satnav. This guide is for all Mk2, MK3 and MK4 cars.

Radio remote controls

Steering wheels from higher spec MG & Rover's are a common upgrade to the Rover 100. Many Come with factory radio remote controls. This guide will give the information so you can also use this in your Rover 100 or Metro.

Rear speaker upgrade

The Metro rear speakers are located in the corners or the parcel shelf side supports. This is a great guide to upgrade the worn out paper Metro speakers with new superior items or fit speakers if you had none in the first place. Pretty much any 10cm speaker should go in, as long as the dimensions are similar to that of the OE speakers. Even if you use 6*9s or other speakers this is a good idea, as if you ever need to remove your rear shelf, you can still have half-decent sounds from the rear of the car.