Debadged front grille

How to debadge your Rover 100 front grille.

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Parts required

  • Grille
  • Hacksaw
  • Variety of files
  • Filler
  • Plastic primer
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Wet and Dry \ Sandpaper
  • Metal strip
  • Aluminium mesh or fibreglass
  • Time and patience!

Fitting steps

  1. To remove your grille use a cross head screwdriver and unscrew the two far screws that go into the headlights and the two in the middle of the bumper.

    screws to remove rover 100 front grille
  2. Remember to refit these two screws because they hold the bumper on as well as the grille. You could also get a spare grille and use that which is what I did.
  3. Before you start attacking your grille, I'd suggest you remove your badge. Prise it off where pictured, being careful not to damage the badge.

    removing badge from rover 100 front grille
  4. Then remove the black plastic inserts by taking the clips off the back. This would allow you to use the badge for something later or to sell.
  5. Cut out the centre and the two far supports with a hacksaw, then use a variety of files to tidy up where you cut and to remove the small angled plastic lip around the whole back of the grille. I'd suggest not to remove the mounting clips (circled).

    cutting out centre of the front grille
  6. Now get your metal strip and measure it up against the gaps in the grille with enough extra on ether side for you to glue it, this helps support the mesh or fibreglass. This strip also reinforces the grille which is needed because you have just cut all the strength out of it.

    filler, mesh and metal strip required for debadging rover 100 front grille
    attaching metal strip to fill gap in debadged rover 100 front grille
  7. I used Araldite Rapid two part glue to attach the strip to the grille (I took the top strip to the far edges of the mounting clips).

    attaching metal strip to fill gap in debadged rover 100 front grille  filler applied to debadged rover 100 front grille
  8. Once the filler is applied, sand/wet and dry it down with a block. This helps the filler become perfectly flat and not have high and low spots.
  9. Once the filler becomes flat go over the whole thing without the block so you can get into the corners and angles.

    smoothed down debadged rover 100 front grille ready for painting
  10. Paint the grille.

    painted debadged rover 100 front grille
  11. Measure and cut some mesh - remember to notch it out if you've left the mounting clips (leave enough so you can put a bit if it in front of the clips for a bolt.) Make the mesh wider so you can fold it around.

    cutting mesh to size for the grille
  12. Fold the mesh around and hold it in place with bolts through the mounting clips.
  13. Fold the excess around and tack into place with a hot glue gun.

    rear over meshed debadged rover 100 front grille  front view of debadged rover 100 front grille
  14. Refit the grille and enjoy!

    fitted debadged rover 100 front grille

Guide submitted by Sam Jaggard.

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