Twin rear fog lights

Add a second rear fog lamp to the rear of your Metro 

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Parts required

  • Complete rear fog lamp
  • A-series left fog lamp lens
  • Fixing screws
  • Wires
  • Short stubby Phillips screw driver
  • Socket set
  • Wire connectors
K-series Metro & Rover 100

All K- Series Metro and Rover 100’s only have a single rear fog lamp but the blank is there for the left (or right for Left hand drive models) to be added.

A-series Austin Metro

Some of the lower spec A-series Metros (Vans and city’s) also have only a single rear lamp to keep costs down.Luckily All A-series Metro have the wires for both rear fog lamp so look around inside the boot behind where the fog lamp blank is located and you should find 2 wires and a connector hanging lose and simply connect this to your new lamp. But you will need to get a fog lamp wires from the same mk as yours or the wires wont connect up as they change from mk1 to mk2 and mk3 & mk4 are different again.

metro rear fog light connectors are different on each model

Fitting steps

  1. You will need to remove half (or all depending on if you have a short screw driver) rear bumper to gain access to the rear fog lamp screw mount on the inside of the bumper.To remove or loosen the rear bumper there are 4 nuts holding it on at the top and 2 screws and the bottom corners.To save time when upgrading mine I undid only 2 of the rear bumper mounts and removed the left rear light cluster. These where the nuts to hold the left hand side on, the left main nut and the 2 plastic nuts holding the cluster on.

    loosen the rear bumper to gain access to the rear fog lamp mounts  metro rear bumper mounting screws
  2. Now the bumper is hanging off (or is removed) I removed the fog lamp blank and placed my spare fog lamp in the hole.

    fog lamp fitted to mount
  3. With the short screwdriver mounted it to the bumper with the 2 screws.
  4. Place the wires into the hole already provided on the body.Then replaced the bumper it self which is the reversal of removal.
  5. Wiring up the lamp (K-series Metro & Rover 100 only). Now the left lamp is fitted it needs a power source, which can be provided by the other existing rear fog lamp.I got a metre and a half of wire and ran a parallel circuit of the other fog lamps wires. Picture below shows wire block connector, which are temporary but will be soldered later.

    temporary wiring for connection to existing fog lamp
  6. Hide away the wires neatly behind the sides and around the other wires.
  7. Test to see if both rear lamps work and hopefully you will be finished.

    rover metro with twin rear fog lamps lit up at night
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