GTi side skirts
Image by David Collins

GTi side skirts

Side skirts from a Rover Metro GTi can be added to give a sporting look to your car.

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Parts required

  • Pair of GTi side skirts
  • Masking tape
  • Screws with washers

Fitting steps

  1. Stick a stretch of masking tape along the bottom edge of the sill as shown by the blue lines in the picture

    rover metro gti side skirts masking tape locations
  2. Now get a friend to hold your skirts against the car so you can mark on the masking tape with a pen where all the holes are to be drilled.

    rover metro gti side skirts drilling locations
  3. Note one of the arrows is red, this is because there is a share screw here which is on all models but on the GTi is also used to hold the front end of the skirt in place, using this saves drilling a awkward hole! For the one rear screw you sadly have to remove the rear wheels to gain access!
  4. Now you have marked all the screw locations you now need to drill a hole with a small drill bit which is smaller that the screw so it will self tap into the sill.
  5. Once you have drilled all your holes, fit your skirts and screw them in place. Use washers as this gives the skirts stability
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