Rear spoiler

This is a great upgrade for any Rover Metro Mark 3 without a Boot Lid Spoiler. This is a really easy upgrade, there are numerous ways to fix the spoiler to the boot lid, I chose what I thought was the easiest and simplest method.

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Parts required

  • standard Metro Boot lid Spoiler with the Self Tapping / Clearing Screws and Black Plastic Caps
  • phillips Screw Driver
  • battery drill with small drill bit (3-4mm)
  • silicone rubber adhesive
  • lack pen
  • electrical / masking tape

Fitting process

You can also view \ print the original Rover fitting instructions here

  1. Give your boot lid and spoiler a really good clean, you'll see why later. I used a "cock pit shine" spray on the spoiler to give it a really black shine, it came up good as new.

    rover metro rear spoiler clean ready for fitting
  2. Once this is done get a buddy to hold the spoiler in position on the boot lid and mark the holes at the top of the spoiler onto the boot lid with a black pen ... when you take the spoiler away you should have your four markers for your holes drawn on at the top of the boot lid ready to drill. Your boot lid should have pen marks looking something like this (obviously they have been exaggerated a lot to show you roughly where they should be)

    rover metro spoiler holes marked ready for drilling
  3. Once the top of the boot lid has been marked up and all the surfaces are clean, grab your trusty drill and drill the holes with a small (3-4mm) drill bit.
    Take extra care to drill straight as if the holes are wonky the screws will be wonky causing the caps to not fit on properly later.

    holes for spoiler drilled in metro bootlid
  4. Your boot lid should now have a series of four holes looking a bit like the image above
  5. The next stage is to put the spoiler in place and screw it in .... but don't screw the screws in completely as this is just a tester to find the location of the holes for the bottom part of the spoiler.
  6. Now there are many ways to fix the bottom of the spoiler, this is the way I did it. When I got my spoiler there were two metal screws on the bottom left and bottom right, instead of cutting these off and just gluing the bottom I used these to help my line up and secure the bottom down.
  7. Once your spoiler is fixed roughly to your boot lid, grab your masking tape and tape it roughly where you think the holes need to be drilled for the bottom left and right prongs. Then, push down fairly hard onto the tape with the spoiler and the metal prong will leave am imprint of exactly where the holes need to be drilled.
  8. Take off the spoiler again, and drill the final two holes using the indentation left of the tape as a guide.
  9. Check that you won't be drilling through anything important on the other side of the boot lid first.
  10. The boot lid should look like this:

    bottom of boot lid hole for spoiler
  11. The final stages of attaching your boot lid is to grab the silicone rubber, and do a series of large dollops (about 6-7) along the bottom of the spoiler (NOT THE BOOT) This will ensure the bottom of it stays down.
  12. Once this is done and your satisfied it'll stick, put the spoiler in place securing the top first and then the bottom and then screw it on!
  13. Once this is done, you will need some strong electrical tape to stick on the bottom of the boot lid and spoiler to keep it down, this will have to be left on over night for the glue to dry.

    rover metro rear spoiler glued in place
  14. the final stage is to put on the black caps to cover up the screws. Mine had double sided tape on but it wasn't very sticky so I peeled this off and used silicone rubber to stick them on.

    rover metro rear spoiler caps

You can now enjoy your new spoiler ... but not until the silicone adhesive has dried...

rover metro rear spoiler fitted in place

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