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Metropower statement regarding old forum and website data

Some members may have noticed that the legacy Metropower forum that used to be accessed via went offline recently. We believe this to be due to our previous web host closing down the server on which the old site ran. Despite numerous attempts to contact the host we have had no response and have been unable to access the server in order to retrieve backups. 

Sadly it appears that it may be time to say farewell to the site that started it all back in 2003. However all is not lost!

Forum archive

We are in possession of ~14GB of archived posts from the old forum, which will shortly be uploaded to an external mirror site that members will be able to browse through to view old posts.

logo wayback 210x77

You can also use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view the old website as it was via the link below:

Also remember we have a new forum on this site, which you can access via the menu at the top of the page or via this link Metropower Forum

Web addresses

We will be keeping both of our domains and so you can use either address. Both will redirect to this site.

Last modified on Monday, 07 January 2019 20:06

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