What to expect from a K-Series remap with Kmaps

Kmaps is a great new partnership combining a legendary K series ecu remap specialist with first class workshop expertise. The core aim of the service is to offer noticeable improvements by optimising your ecu settings.

Mark Stacey is the ecu guru and was responsible for testing and development of Longbridge factory K series products, which involved prototype track and road development testing throughout the world.

He campaigned a VHPD 190 TF in the MG Car Club for several years and is now the official tune supplier to most race cars in action today.
Following the demise of MG Mark went on to form this remap service - with unique expertise in the K series MG Rover tuning world

What will I GAIN???

The key improvements are...

  • Crisper throttle response
  • Enhanced midrange
  • 8-10% power gain

But thats not all, the package also offers..

  • Rev limit resetting
  • Further ignition/fuelling/idle optimisation where needed (cam upgrades etc)
  • Engine MIL light elimination (to free up catalyst/exhaust choice)
  • Theres even an optional overun exhaust burble feature to enhance the character of the installation!

kmaps 155bhp remap

Have attached some shots including the 200bhp turbo remap curve (labelled run 6)

Other data shown compares before/after remap on a TF135 ecu with fast road cams fitted - seeing 155bhp, (23bhp peak gain over standard on the map!).
The remap added 40Nm torque and actually saw 30bhp increase at 6200rpm!

The Caterham data shows the remap increase in a standard 1.6 Caterham alongside an increased rev limit. These figures don't show the real on road remap benefit though - much better throttle response and economy too...


Crisper throttle response... More torque... More power... More economy... MORE FUN!

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