Tom's A-Series 998 stars

Tuned by renowned Mini Tuner Peter Baldwin, this A-Series Metro goes as well as it looks!

Tom's Metro Van Project

Tom's first Metro was a Mk1 Austin Metro 998cc, which he still owns and has been his daily driver for the past 6 years. Wanting something with a bit more power he purchased a 1993 Mk3 Metro when it came up for sale locally; first converting to 1.8 VVC and then into a van project...

Jim Lott's MG Metro Turbo

An immaculate Metro turbo is a rare thing these days. Member Jim Lott has that base firmly covered with his 1989 example, though. Jim tells us the story of how the car came to be with detailed specifications within! 

Lattice (A-Series)

Fitted to the Mk2 MG Metro Turbo and Metro Advantage models


Fitted to the Mk1 MG Metro Turbo


Fitted to late Mk1 and early Mk2 MG Metro 1300 models

Josh's MG Metro 1300

Heres Josh's MG Metro 1300 in a stunning black finish! It is his third Metro to date.

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