Tom's A-Series 998

Tuned by renowned Mini Tuner Peter Baldwin, this A-Series Metro goes as well as it looks!

Tom has owned the car for just over a year and a half. He hasn't actually spent much time driving the car because it needed lots of welding initially. It has also had the subframe mounts and sills repaired as well.
  • Mainflow 1 3/4@ Full Exhaust System
  • Maniflow Stage 2 LCB
  • Fletcher Inlet
  • K&N Stub Stack/Filter
  • Lucas Sport Ignition Coil
  • Powerspark Ignition Leads
  • Accuspark Iridium Plugs
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Metro Turbo Rocker Cover
  • Kent Auto Developments Short Shifter
  • Polyflex Gear Selector Bobbins
  • Banded MK1 Wheels
  • Yokohama A539 Tyres
  • TRW Pads
  • MK1 Golf Chin Lip
  • Component Engineering Sphere Straps
  • Component Engineering Droop Stop Spacers

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Results - 59bhp / 93Nm

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