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Cathy got in touch after seeing our Metro 40th feature on the BBC. She has quite a collection of Metros; a 1983 MG Metro in Zircon Blue, a 1995 Flame red 114 GTa and finally a 1998 Hawaiian Blue 114 GSi... as well as a 1983 black MG Metro and 1983 Oporto Red Vanden Plas in storage! Here she tells us about her Metros in her own words...

I have 2 Metros, the MG Metro has featured heavily in MGOC events and publicity and was quite well known in the 90s. I have just recently re-joined the club after 25 years.

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MG Metro

First is the MG Metro which I have owned for over 33 years. The car has done 73,000 miles and has recently come back into service after being on SORN since 1995. We treated our cars to a garage extension this summer... well we had to find something to do during lockdown! One half of the garage is in Austin Rover colours to match the MG and the other half is in Rover colours to match the GTa. The car was driven down the road to the local garage for the MOT and passed with no advisories. Brilliant considering the car had been off the road for 14 years.  We just have to iron out a small engine glitch before the car can be used again.

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Before that, I was a member of both the MGOC and the MG Car Club - of which I used to run the Front Wheel drive Register of the CC.  I have in my time been quite well known with the car within both MG clubs. The car has won numerous pride of ownership comps and has also featured in the centre pages of Enjoying MG magazine, plus also starring in the book on all models of MG written and put together by Richard Monk. 

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Rover 114GTa

My second car which is the GTa I have owned since 2006 when I was forced to sell my MG Metro Turbo - yes I had one of those as well! Because I used to use the car for work and unfortunately it became very unreliable. And we just couldn't fix the problem properly. So I was treated to a Rover 114 GTa in Flame Red, which I also tend to pamper and does not go out in the wet either.

The GTa was registered on the 1st August and was actually a Rover car which they kept for a year. This car however has had various work done over the years, due to alas the rust bug! But it is still in pretty good nick. It has done just over 85,000 miles, had 2 head gaskets and heaven forbid if it goes again I will get it done for the third time. These cars are quite different from the MK 1 Metros, but then I like having one of each and they are both enjoyable in their own ways.

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Both cars went straight through the MOT with absolutely no advisories!  Having said that both of my cars, in particular, do not get used in the wet! As they both live in their new garage, I have always been fussy about getting either of my cars wet. My other half's car, however, is our daily use car but we do look after that. 

Ther daily driver

Our 3rd everyday car is my other half's which he has only recently bought. The mileage was 19,000 miles, so is a very good original example. Alas our third Rover has to be outside for now on the drive until we can get a carport built next year.  

Basically, I am just mad about these cars!!! I don't think I will be changing my cars for anything more modern as these are the loves of my life - well, within the car world they are. Considering how long I have been connected with these cars, it's all I've ever known. I will be sticking with these cars until I have to or decide to give up driving

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