Chris' Rover 100 Turbo

Chris’s Rover 100 Turbo - in his own words...

I've always been fascinated by cars, ever since my dad introduced me to his Capri I have been a car nut! Helping him change the engine when I was younger gave me the bug to do it to something I owned in the future. I'd had a few ‘retro’ cars before the Metro, including a Volvo 480 Turbo which is a rare sight nowadays, but I always felt like something was missing. My cars just lacked passion and excitement. This was until I was at work one day scrolling through eBay looking at potential new projects.

This is where my Metro story begins, I'd never really been keen on Rovers due to the head gasket issues but I thought why not give it a go? I stumbled across a rather sorry looking Rover 100 which had lay sat on a farm for a year so was rough around the edges but perfect for conversion. I immediately bought it and within a few days was driving it around the local streets getting a feel for the hydrolastic suspension, which I found rather comfy but somewhat unnerving around corners.

A lot of my friends asked me why? Why buy a Rover? Why a Metro? My answer was simply... why not?. Immediately I realised that the 1.1 8v had to go which was a shame as the car itself had only covered 25k miles! In came the 1.8 VVC 160 engine. I spent every weekend for about 4 months getting the car ready for the summer, even when it was snowing I was outside tinkering away! Soon the VVC lump was in and I could enjoy the more powerful version of my car which I have to say I totally fell in love with! Ever since I have not been able to part with and after some subtle handling and exterior mods the car was pretty much perfect!

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However, I soon realised I had a bug to go faster so I decided to ditch the 1.8 VVC and go for a 1.8T K-Series from a Rover 75 with a remapped ECU. I'm now looking at around 210bhp, which hopefully keeps me satisfied! (albeit for a few weeks!!) The car has required no welding and very little mechanical work, some very minor things left and it will be done. Even the misses likes the Rover! She's affectionately named it “bean” I'm not sure why but ill let her have it!

Without help from all at Metropower it would have been near impossible to get the car on the road, the wealth of knowledge is truly remarkable and I am very grateful!

Check out Chris' YouTube channel, HouseOfMods below:


  • Rover 75 1.8T with VVC inlet manifold
  • Full Sportex decatted exhaust system
  • Remapped ECU
  • Renault 5 twin pass intercooler
  • Larger injectors
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Walbro 255 fuel pump
  • 52mm throttle body
  • Omex launch control and rev limiter


  • Standard R65U gearbox
  • Stage 1 clutch
  • Short shift gear linkage

Suspension, brakes and steering

  • Hydragas suspension Individualised 450PSI
  • MGF/Metro Gti brake set up
  • Vented Discs with pads
  • MGTF Bottom Ball joints


  • Nissan Pulsar front splitter
  • Smoked front lights
  • Ultralite 13” Alloy wheels in Anthracite 13x7 ET2
  • Rubbing strips removed for smooth look


  • Standard front seats and doorcards
  • Tacho gauge with shift light
  • Stripped interior
  • Black carpets
  • Momo steering wheel
  • Upgraded speakers and Alpine Subwoofer
  • InPhase Headunit
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