Ben's Audi powered Rover 100

Now here's something a little bit different! A Rover 100 powered by an Audi 20v, and it's turbocharged to boot!

Ben tells us the story of how he came to own his Rover 100 20v Turbo here in his own words. This car really is something different, keep your eyes open for it at shows and events!

''I've always wanted a Metro since I was around 16 seeing VVC’s flying around. I began my Rover journey with a rover 214Si then moved to a MGZR 160 before finally buying a Caribbean Blue GTI. I still own that; but that's another story!

After the GTI being off road for some time and the R100 20v Turbo coming up for sale I had to buy it. I cannot take any credit for this build but it has been done to a very good standard.

After the purchase I took it for mapping to set the fueling as the AFR was crazy. This car shocks a lot of people due to its very standard appearance from the outside and is complemented by a lot of enthusiasts.''



  • Audi block,
  • Forged crank (std/std),
  • Steel rods,
  • Wiseco forged pistons (82mm),
  • New big port cylinder head,
  • One piece Racetech steel valves,
  • Baffled and gated sump,
  • Audi TT exhaust manifold and K04 turbo,
  • Stainless exhaust system with 3 silencers (trackday db checks 84-85db).


  • Rover PG1 uprated box with steel caged bearings and Gripper diff,
  • Reyland adapter plate kit with steel flywheel,
  • 228mm Paddle clutch with hydraulic actuation,
  • Equal length driveshafts.

Suspension, brakes and steering

  • Solid mounted powdercoated lightened rear subframe with AVO alloy bodied coilovers and ARB.
  • Solid mounted MGTF powdercoated front frame with AVO coilovers and ARB.
  • Geometry is set up for Camber, Caster, Toe, Bumpsteer, Offset, Rear Camber, Toe, Setback, and Thrust angle.
  • Aeroquipped hoses, Brembo grooved discs and 1166 pads, standard rear drums and shoes.


  • Metro GTi MPi Alloys with yokohama ao48
  • Brake cooling ducts


  • Rear turrets welded in,
  • Safety Devices full bolt in rollcage,
  • Cobra Suzuka seats,
  • Snap-Off steering wheel,
  • Fire extinguisher,
  • Master switch,
  • Flocked dash with oil temp, pressure, boost pressure, fuel pressure, wideband AFR, low oil pressure alarm, gearchange light, cooling fan override switch, fuelpump Switch.
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