Allens 111 Kensington 1.8 Metro

Here Allen tells the story of his interesting Rover 111 Kensington with A-Series front and rear end conversion! Very cool.

We love something different here at Metropower, and Allens Metro certainly fits that bill! Allen tells us of how he has owned 6 Metros, but this one was a return to the marque after 8 years away. This is the first K-Series Metro he's owned. He bought it with the 1.8 solid cam engine already fitted. Allen tells us of how he had the idea of converting a later Metro to earlier external appearence over ten years ago as he always prefered the look, but wanted the reliability and power of a K-Series. Allen had all the nesessary parts avaible and said it was just trial and error to make them fit how he wanted them to. He took inspiration from K-Series classic Mini conversions. We think it looks awesome!


  • 1.8 solid cam 16v
  • 52mm throttle body on aluminium inlet manifold
  • Cone filter
  • Smaller diameter aluminium crankshaft pulley
  • Gti downpipe and maniflow exhaust system


  • Standard r65 with 1.4 flywheel

Suspension, brakes, steering

  • Individualised and lowered hydrogas
  • Gaz shocks
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars with polybushes and stainless linkages
  • Mgf calipers and vented discs
  • Braided hoses
  • MGF lower arms
  • MG TF stainless solid front subframe mounts


  • Standard steels banded out to 6 and 6.5j with 165/55/13 tyres
  • Rebuilt front end with custom cross member and headlamp supports to fit mk1 wings, bonnet, slam panel, headlamps and grill with mk2 bumpers and modified turbo body kit.
  • Rear has also been converted to early pattern as well. Other than having the look I wanted, the early panels are a lot lighter which is a bonus.


  • Original dash and front carpet
  • Gti clocks
  • No stereo
  • MG door cards with aluminium door furniture
  • Corbeau bucket seats
  • Omp harnesses
  • Rear stripped out with battery and washer bottle re-located inside
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