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Hold the front page! Get your car featured on Metropower...

If you're feeling proud of your car and want to show it off to the world what better place than the front page of the Internet's largest Metro community!

We're constantly looking for feature cars showing off the best our members have to offer so whether you're into styling, performance, racing or anything in between we want to hear from you. Simply send in some details about your car along with 5-10 of your best photos and we'll feature your car on the site and social media.

We've made a handy template to help get you started, click below to download then fill in the gaps to tell us your car's story.

*** template file here *** 

One thing we do need is high quality images, taken either from a digital camera or modern smartphone, pick a nice day and send us your best shots!

When you're done email everything you have to's that easy :)

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