Tom Byng's Rover 100 Track Car

With a quarter mile time of under 14 seconds, Tom's Rover 100 Kensington SE is no slow poke! Here he tells the story of his Metro in his own words.

''I purchased the Rover 100 back in 2006 for a mere £80.00 as an MOT failure that didn't need much work to put back on the road. It was purely brought as a run around whilst I learnt to drive, as my main focus at the time was my 1275 Austin Mini Mayfair, which I was restoring ready for when I passed my test. This project took longer than expected, by which time I had passed my test and was using the Metro as my first car. To cut a long story short, by the time the Mini was finished I couldn’t part with the Metro, and made the decision to sell the Mini. Having owned the Rover 100 for over 10 years now, I could never see myself parting with it. 

It has certainly changed many times over the years and although I got older and took on other projects, I have always had a love for the Metro. I have been brought up as a petrol head and involved in drag racing with my father since early childhood, this has been the main focus of the Metro in the past years. After converting the Metro to a 1.8 it spent most of its time on the drag strip achieving 14’s and under, gaining a PB of 13.71 @ 98mph. The car has recently changed to become more track focused, having last year driven a 1000 mile round trip to do laps around the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany. Having got the bug, I am now planning to attend some UK track events this year to get in some practice before hopefully returning to Germany again in the future.''



  • MGZR 1.8 160 vvc mems 3
  • Piper high lift exhaust camshaft
  • Large Rover air box with K&N panel filter with cold air feed
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust system with de-cat
  • Heat wrapped ZR 160 manifold
  • K-maps re-mapped ECU
  • Magnacore performance HT leads
  • Lightened and balance flywheel
  • Large diesel radiator twin fans
  • Polyurethane engine mounts


  • R65U 3.5 FD gearbox with LSD
  • Quick shift gear selector

Suspension, brakes and handling

  • Lowered and individualized
  • Front MGF hydro cans
  • Front Polyurethane bump stops
  • Front GAZ adjustable dampers
  • Rear GTi hydro cans
  • Rear large droop drops
  • Rear Turrets fitted
  • Rear Protech adjustable dampers
  • MGF polybushed front lower arms
  • MGF front lower ball joints
  • Front solid sub-frame mounts
  • Polybushed front and rear antiroll bars


  • Metro GTi MPi alloys
  • 185/60/13 Toyo Proxy R888’s
  • Perspex windows
  • Spoiler


  • Ex MG Cobra Sport line bucket seats
  • TRS 5 point harnesses
  • Safety devices rear roll cage
  • Rear turret brace
  • RMD steering wheel
  • Metro GTi 150mph clocks
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