Josh's MG Metro 1300

Heres Josh's MG Metro 1300 in a stunning black finish! It is his third Metro to date.

Heres Josh's MG Metro 1300. He has owned the car since 2013 and it is his third Metro, clearly a fan, then! Josh tells us about how the car didn't change much from when he bought it, until the summer of 2016 when the car was partially stripped and went for a full repray. Josh says the paint job was necessary to remove some marks in the paint and maintain a good colour match throughout. Josh has fitted an MG Metro Turbo/GTa body kit and had it painted along with the car. It sure does look great! When the car came back from paint, Josh set about reassembling everything and putting the stickers on. Josh tells us he is happy with where the car is at for now, although he does have some tinkering planned for the summer. A wheel refurb, engine bay clean up, louder exhaust and smaller tires are all in the pipeline. We can't wait to see how you progress with this one, Josh!


  • A+ 1275cc which produces 73bhp, 73lb ft torque @4000 rpm
  • Unleaded cylinder head as originally fitted


  • Original 4 speed with lift reverse

Suspension, brakes and steering

  • Hydragas suspension with original layout
  • Factory brakes with discs on the front and drums on the rear
  • MG Turbo rear anti-roll bar.


  • MG Turbo multi-spoke alloy wheels
  • Rover Metro doors and mirrors
  • Full respray in original colour
  • 'MG', '1300' and 'Floating Octagon' decals re-applied
  • GTa/Turbo bodykit fitted
  • Removable sunroof with storage bag
  • Rear opening windows
  • Fuel filler in updated location


  • Totally original with the exception of an MGF cassette player


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